Chanel Foundation Review

Hello, Loves!

Today I am doing something non-clothes related because I have a new foundation and having used it for a couple of months, thought I’d add my thoughts on it to the mix.

The foundation is the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup. I have really enjoyed using this, I’ve never had a Chanel foundation before and so was very excited to step up my makeup game from the drug store and experience a touch of luxury and class on my face.

While it didn’t make me look as perfect as Coco Chanel herself, it did do a pretty great job! The smell is so nice, I don’t know if this is a thing but it smells luxurious. Very fresh and floral to try and put it into more English words.

The consistency is, as the name would suggest, very fluid. If it wasn’t for the suction-ey type lid on the bottle it would literally just pour out. This means you do have to shake it up prior to every use or it can separate, but that is not a huge hassle.

Coverage is light-to-medium but it is buildable. I have tried applying it with both a brush and a beauty blender and personally I prefer to use a fluffy brush in a buffing motion to blend it in. It sinks into the skin really nicely leaving a very natural effect, for everyday wear I tend to stop here but if I wanted to look more #flawless than I could definitely add another layer of foundation. It gives a very dewy finish which when I first started using it I didn’t like because it was summer and I was already hot and shiny as it was, but now the weather is cooler I am really appreciating that glowy finish.

I find that the coverage lasts well all day however without a primer it does tend to go a bit patchy by the late afternoon – end of the day period or earlier if I’ve been particularly active that day. However, often I pop on some Benefit PoreFessional prior to this and that works wonders in terms of staying power.

Being from a hot climate in New Zealand, even though we’re heading into winter the UV rays are still out to get us so I really like that this makeup has an SPF 15. I wear a separate SPF every day anyway but it does make me feel good knowing I’m extra-protected!

It is sadly not a cheap foundation, here in New Zealand I believe it cost me around $100 – but I did use my Ballantynes Beauty Points to buy it so I didn’t actually pay the entire price. So that’s quite pricey for 30ml of foundation – albeit very good foundation.


  • Smells amazing
  • Feels luxurious
  • Buildable light coverage
  • Blends Well
  • Lasts well with a primer


  • Very expensive in comparison to other drugstore brands
  • While it is good, I feel that 20% of the price is purely for the awesome-factor of owning a Chanel product (which does feel awesome when I see it on my dresser)
  • Needs a primer to get that extra mile out of it
  • If you had oily skin this would probably be a shine freak out foundation for you.

Final Thoughts

Assuming I have the money, this is definitely a foundation I would repurchase. However, on my current student budget, I don’t see myself rushing out to buy it. It’s good but I didn’t feel it was so much better than Nars or even Revlon that it was worth shelling out my food money! However, if you have a higher budget then would definitely recommend as it does just add that extra touch of glamour to your every day that I have really enjoyed. Also – who doesn’t love casually being able to answer “what foundation are you wearing?” with “Oh? This? It’s just Chanel” *hair flick*

Have you tried this foundation? Let me know what you think or what your fave foundations are so I can try them too! ❤

Chanel Foundation

Chanel in all her glory ❤