My hair treat

Today, to distract myself from the horror of exams, I wanted to share something that relates to one of my passions in life – my hair. I have been trying to have long, lush hair since approximately 2006 when in a misguided attempt to be ‘cool’ I cut it all off to about chin length and have deeply regretted this choice ever since.

I don’t ever leave my hair alone, I’m constantly straightening, curling, dying, braiding and playing with it to try and see what I can achieve without the help of an actual hairdresser. Because of this, and due to my serious attachment to all the hair I have – I am constantly worrying about damage and whether my hair is suddenly going to all fall off.

I recently switched hairdressers here in Christchurch as for the last four years I have been hunting for the ever elusive good hair salon with the one hairdresser you click with and can happily trust your tresses to without fearing for the results. I believe I may have found such a place. I’ve been going to Balayage Hair for just about a year now and I love them. My hairdresser Alex unfortunately isn’t taking on any more clients, but every one of their stylists do phenomenal work.

On my first visit there, Alex and I spent a fair amount of time discussing my haircare routine and my main concerns. This prompted her to recommend Olaplex. This white gold of hair care smells amazing, makes my hair feel soft and shiny and also does lots of cool science things to make your hair stronger.

Olaplex itself is actually a hair treatment that is done in the salon when you’re getting colour work or chemical straightening done. Stage 1 and 2 will be done by your hairdresser. What you can buy to take home is ‘stage 3’ which is a hair perfector to top up your olaplex treatment between visits. It’s around $50 a bottle but a little goes a really long way, I use mine once a fortnight and only need around a $2 coins worth to do my ends and mid-lengths. One bottle would usually last me around 6 months depending on usage.

The main benefit of Olaplex (apart from the soft shiny factor) is that it really helps to prevent breakage, which long haired ladies will know is a big deal. It’s not the be all and end all to strong healthy hair, because there are a lot of factors associated with that, but it can go a long way to helping your hair break off less often and therefore enable it to grow longer. I started using it after a pretty dramatic balayage where I went from a deep brown to a warm blonde balayage through majority of the ends of my hair, which is where naturally your hair is the weakest anyway. However, since the Olaplex treatment I’ve noticed hardly any breakage and a significant improvement in the looks of my ends and how they feel. I try to remember to do it once a fortnight, but sometimes I just forget (you have to put it in before you wash your hair and leave it for a while) until I hop out of the shower, see the bottle and thing damn! So sometimes I’ll put it through the ends of my hair and sleep with it in for a really intensive treatment – it smells so nice that doing this does actually help me sleep!

If you’re as hair obsessed as I am then I highly recommend you ask your hairdresser whether Olaplex is right for you, it’s hair-changing, especially if you’re lightening your hair.

olpaplex pic