About me


My name is Ellie, I am currently (only for this year though yay!) a student in New Zealand.

I have always been interested in creative writing and decided to start blogging as a way of a) clearing away all the paper journals I have stashed throughout my house and b) putting my thoughts somewhere more productive than a notebook in my bedside drawer.

I find writing for pleasure extremely calming and such a nice change from all the writing I have to do for not so fun things at University.

I am passionate about adventure, life, clothes, makeup and deep, meaningful connections with people. So expect a bit of that from this blog. I start this journey with no expectations, but I hope to have a great time and also, to meet some amazing people along the way.

Currently I am posting every Wednesday and Sunday at 7am NZ time – don’t miss a post! Make sure you follow my blog and sign up to receive email alerts ❤

Hope to see you around,


Ellie xIMG_3181


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