Post-Exam Celebrations

Exams are finally over with, I’m free! Although – I feel like the only times as a student you’re ever truly ‘care-free’ is the first weekend immediately post-exams, then the worries about your grades set in and finally, you’re happy briefly once you find out your marks (ideally being good grades) until the next semester begins. All up that amounts to around… 1 week the entire school year. Yay student life!

However, as exams finished on Friday – how did I celebrate my weekend of happiness?

My Fiance and I decided to go on a little mini-break to a beautiful place called Hanmer Springs in New Zealand. It’s our favourite place to go and we’ve managed to get here just about once a year since we started living in Christchurch. As soon as we make that turn off onto Hanmer Springs Road I instantly feel calmer and happier, it’s absolutely breathtaking. It’s in New Zealand but has a wonderful ‘alpine town’ feel about it. There are a lot of activities to do including horse trekking, golf, skiing, hiking and – our favourite, pampering and soaking in the thermal pools and the spa before having dinner at one of the many fantastic restaurants.

This year the trip also coincided with our 5 year anniversary so we went all out and had the most incredible pamper morning at the spa on Saturday. The spa at Hanmer is so relaxing, the service has always been fantastic and I love their attention to the minor details – right down to underfloor heating in the changing room and the comfiest slippers. Our morning started off with a 30-minute steam which was very welcome after a morning that started off at -4 degrees! We then had a 1-hour full body massage followed by a 1-hour facial. I felt so relaxed and radiant afterwards.

After this, we were, obviously, tired and hungry after a hard morning of getting massages so we decided to grab some lunch and head back to the hotel to watch some movies and chill with some whiskey.

Perhaps not the wildest way to celebrate, but relaxation, good food, and good company are my ideal good time so it was perfection to me.

However you celebrate the end of exams/your equivalent – I hope it was wonderful and good luck for those results!


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