Finding your chill.


We all deal with it at some point or another, if you’re a student like me it’s probably your semester long companion. In fact, stress and I are hanging out right now!

I don’t have any fancy studies or research to show you that will give you a magic pill to find out how to calm your farm. But I am going to share what works for me 🙂 Five in fact!

  1. Don’t be hard on yourself. This is a big one for me when I am stressed every tiny little detail of my day down to what I said to someone at 9 this morning gets over-analysed and I tear myself apart for doing stupid things or wasting time or not being more efficient and there’s just no point. I often miss working out when I am stressed because I need more sleep and I simply have to prioritise my time to get things done if it’s stressing me out so much, which leads to a hate spiral of being lazy and not working out meaning I’ll be hideously unattractive and shunned forever. Not only is this not true, it is damaging and it puts you into a negative headspace when you do this, meaning the rest of the day is coloured by how annoyed you are at yourself, which means you’re probably going to take that out on other people. No Bueno when you’re trying to find your zen.
  2. Drinking a cup of tea. I’ve been told numerous times that I am the maestro of tea, I pride on being able to make a brew so good it can chase the stress away. Tea or whatever your ‘cosy’ drink of choice is, can turn a frown upside down. It’s warm, it’s energising, it feels like a worthy excuse to step away from the books and the time it takes to sip away a cup of tea is usually enough peace and quiet for me to put things into perspective and plan a way out. Which leads into the next point:
  3. Plan. Having a plan is SO helpful. If I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed, particularly about workload, I find sitting down and planning out how I can use my time between now and D-Day really helps me to feel calm and make the whole situation seem more manageable. Until I do this my brain comes up with 100’s of possibilities as to why I am never going to complete my work and will be a failure forever, but planning can show my brain that it’s just being silly.
  4. Get enough sleep. Pulling all-nighter or lying awake at night can seem like a tempting option when you’re so stressed sleep feels impossible. But a good nights rest can do wonders for how you feel. If I’m having trouble sleeping I try to do breathing exercises, such as this one. Also, lavender drops on my pillow can really help. Don’t go overboard on this though if you’re going to try it as there is definitely such a thing as too much lavender scent. Trust me.
  5. Go for breaks with friends. Literally get away from your own company! You are your own worst enemy at this point. Go meet with people who can support and uplift you – this is definitely not a waste of your valuable time. No one needs to go through stress alone 🙂

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