Thank you!


I just really wanted to say to everyone that since my ANZAC day post and my post about social media and how I feel about sharing my thoughts online to the public, that the feedback I got was so overwhelming in a lovely way! I had old friends, people I hadn’t heard from in years, new friends, colleagues, people at school all telling me their thoughts or what they thought of my blog. Thankfully all positive!

It was genuinely so amazing. I always hoped people would enjoy what I had written but it was never the be all and end all, and I assumed people would have other stuff to do and not really care about my opinion enough to give me five minutes of their day. It makes me feel so happy to know people have been giving me their time and reading my thoughts! Thank you so so much 🙂

There will be a longer post for ‘how was your week’ on Sunday but I really wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you. It definitely means a lot and I love that people feel comfortable contacting me to let me know what they think – it made my day!

Ellie x


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