The Power Hour

Early mornings. Love them, hate them, have to deal with them – they are rarely ideal. Yet studies have shown that many of the world’s most successful people, and on a smaller scale many of my most successful friends, get up at 5-5:30am in what is known as ‘the power hour’.

I have friends who get up at 5 and say that between 5-6 is their most productive time of their entire day. Personally, I get up at 5:30 and use that time to work out before the stresses and demands of day to day life have even woken up to distract me from my health goals.

Anyone can take advantage of this power hour. Maybe like me you won’t fully commit and you’ll do half of it or you’ll join the successful people in the world and get up at 5. It’s not impossible. I was a roll out of bed around 11am kind of girl where I literally would not get up until the very last second when I knew I’d be late for something if I didn’t. Whereas now, Mon-Fri rain or shine, cold or warm, I’m up early. It’s do-able people! Albeit even I have those days where the blankets win – lets be real!

Here are five of my top tips for becoming a power hour member when you’re more of a snooze button lover:

  1. Lay out everything you want to wear the night before – this is particularly useful if like me, you’re going to use this hour to get in your workout. Lay out your workout gear – shoes, socks, leggings, whatever it is you need to get your body moving have it right there! That way you can roll out of bed and into your gear, easy as. Once you’re dressed it’s basically rude not to follow through, right?
  2. Visualise what you want to achieve with that hour before you go to sleep – sometimes taking five minutes while you’re lying there counting sheep to think, “the reason I want to get up at 5am tomorrow is because that way I can get a whole hour of work done on my [insert task here] before [insert distraction here e.g. baby, child, partner, manchild, friends, emails, work] starts and takes my attention away. This whole hour is for you, so you can be as selfish as you like guilt-free, I promise!
  3. Don’t rush in – It is not easy to go from zero to hero. The days where I thought I could just put my alarm from 10am to 5am and be totally a functioning human I was very much mistaken. Treating my better half to an extremely attractive display of tiredness, grumpiness and several naps. Slowly getting up earlier over a gradual period is a much more effective way of easing into the power hour (or just an earlier wake-up time in general) and is much more likely to make the habit stick and keep you from pressing that snooze button.
  4. Have a shower or wash your face – Either of these things is effective you can do one or both. Sometimes it’s nice to just warm a flannel and do a relaxing morning cleanse to get the sleepiness off your face, and refresh yourself before you get into your hour of superpowered focus. A shower may not be convenient at that hour of the morning and that’s totally fine. The purpose of this exercise is literally to get some water on your face and to give yourself a little shock of yep we are awake and ready to go do. A citrus scented morning cleanser can help as those scents are energising and uplifting, or something that you really look forward to using that will be enough to pop you out of bed and into the bathroom.
  5. Work-out. Obviously you don’t need to use your power hour for exercise if that doesn’t fit with the schedule you like or your home lifestyle, but working out in the morning has so many benefits aside from giving you the best wake up call ever. Working out in the morning, particularly if you haven’t eaten or you’ve had a very light morning snack such as a banana, has so many health benefits such as revving your metabolism for the rest of the day meaning that you burn way more calories just being you than you normally would. It also gives you a very early sense of achievement, before you’ve even done anything else you’ve achieved some goals and it’s not even 7am yet! That’s my favourite feeling.

If you have any tips to get out of bed and get going I would love to hear them. But importantly don’t beat yourself up if you don’t always get up this early. There are days when my alarm goes off and I just feel blah. My body is clearly telling me it would value more rest time than me getting up and doing something right then, and that’s ok.



Ellie x


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