Lest we forget

Good morning!

Today I am up VERY early because it’s an extremely important day on my calendar. April 25th in New Zealand and Australia is ANZAC Day. This is the day to commemorate the New Zealand and Australian soldiers that have served and are currently serving in the armed forces.

Traditionally on remembrance days people tend to think of the old veterans of the World War, and while I too think of them and appreciate all they sacrificed for the future of our planet, for me ANZAC day is a lot more personal.

My short-lived time in the armed forces brought a lot of amazing people into my life, one of which is now my partner in crime. Some of them have left like me, but plenty are still serving in the military and ANZAC day is a time for me to think of them and thank them for everything they do.

It is so easy for people to blame the military for all the negative things in this world, or to cover the faces of those individual people and just call them ‘soldiers’. They are so much more than that. They’re sons, daughters, wives, husbands, cousins, brothers, sisters. Whatever your feelings are towards how humans interact with each other and in particular about war as a ‘solution’, ANZAC day is not the day to focus on those negative thoughts.

ANZAC day is a day to think about those young people who chose to sacrifice their freedom, choices, families and sometimes even their lives so that all of us could live the life we want. Whether you agree with their choices or not, we can all admire the courage it takes to truly follow through on how you believe people deserve to live their lives and literally put your life on the line for it.

Thank you, to every soldier and the ANZACs that are willing to fight for the life they think we all deserve to have, thank you to all my military and ex-military friends for making my short time there one of the most memorable in my life and for still being some of my best friends – I am so proud of you.

So please, today wear a poppy and appreciate what we have because of what so many gave up.

Lest we forget. x


Photo credit: www.methvenmthutt.co.nz




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