Lesson #1


Welcome back to ellieslightblog.

Now as I mentioned in my last post, I have attempted to start my lightjourney. I have already had my first lesson.

1. Do not start too early.

Yes, there is such a thing is being too eager beaver. Basically, where I am Autumn begins in March. So mid-February inspiration struck and I constructed my low-cost autumn capsule wardrobe (proper post on this to follow). However, mid-February it’s still summer. It’s hot. So the whole thing hasn’t really worked out how I hoped.

I’ve constantly had to go get my summer gear out of the storage box which has been a pain and I’ve then had to mingle it in with my capsule wardrobe just to save me the trips to the garage every five minutes.

So, I’ve put my journey on hold till March, which thankfully is only about a week away. Right now is when I should’ve designed my wardrobe! But hey, at least it’s done, I’ve  got it in my ‘Stylebook’ app (get it guys this thing is incredible!) ready to go when it’s actually autumn. But it would’ve been nice to have been able to get into it a bit sooner!


So there you go guys, lesson one. Learn from my mistake!

Now, I’m off for a cuppa



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