Hello, it’s me


Welcome to Ellie’s Light Journey. This is as much a new environment for me as it is for you, so feel free to take a look around (and let me know if you find anything wrong!) and get to know the place.


I’m new to blogging, but I thought i’d give you what I consider the key facts about me:

  1. I’m 23
  2. I love tea, my blood is 70% earl grey
  3. Coffee is a close runner up
  4. I would rather have tea and a good book than a night raging on the town
  5. I also love food. I’m a stomach oriented person.
  6. I am a student
  7. I live in a beautiful country and I adore it.
  8. I’m a hoarder
  9. I am not a blogger, or a fashion critic or a photographer. I’m new to this and so I will make mistakes and/or take terrible photos. But hey, it’s part of the fun right?

What is Ellie’s Light Journey? 

Ellie’s lightjourney is my way of documenting the trials and pitfalls (and hopefully the successes) of my lifestyle – including my goal this year of having a capsule wardrobe!

The Basics of capsule wardrobe life

Basically, the magic number is 37. 37 items in your wardrobe total, not including your old trackpants, gym clothes, pyjamas etc. Just your everyday wearing clothes. This breaks down into:

  •  2 dresses
  • 2 Jackets
  • 9 ‘bottoms’
  • 15 tops
  • 9 shoes

So the ‘game’ if you will, is that there are four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) and in the last two weeks of a season you think about your style and what your look for the next season will be, plan and budget for it, shop for it and then wear only those clothes for the entire next season. As in no clothes shopping. Zero. Nada. Wtf.

So.. I’ve had a go at paring down the wardrobe the other day. There’s already been some tantrums!

Anyway, welcome to my space it’s lovely to have you. I’d love to sit down and have a cuppa tea with you!




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